Sitemap - 2021 - Welcome to Hell World

A feeling that police would not or could not do anything to help

It’s not enough for a person being held on Rikers Island to simply testify to what goes on inside

How can I love someone I don’t even know?

Gabriel Boric and the long tradition of Chilean socialism

It’s like you’re watching somebody on fire in the street and you don’t have any water

The best(?)100ish emo/hc/pp/indie songs of 2021

I asked to leave and they told me I’d be fired

My problem is I still think things can turn around

I just care about the transparency to the artists and journalistic integrity

Haven't laughed this hard in a long time

The Good Addict/Bad Addict Myth

Strong stoic soldiers and swimming pools and waving flags

It’s not the getting sick that imperils the homeless it’s the inability to get better

It’s just another violent day in the US

The rare good apple in the bunch

There are few jobs quite so absurd as rockstar

Another sickening and low moment for all of us

When a room slowly starts to fill with water

They’re basically punishing people for being in poverty

It's like a fucking horror movie that never ends

They were going from tent to tent throwing it all in the back of a truck

You who have your lives to lose

I remember the first time I was ever scared in my life

The suffering and unsightly are taking up space without paying

I know some really greasy dentists

This is the tightrope we force poor people to walk

What paternity leave is really like in America

Hope is a wonderful thing to be addicted to

The concept of selling out doesn’t even exist anymore

There are so many aspects of prison life that aren’t told

The most terrifying thing I can think of

You won't be happy anyway

The American healthcare system damages your *thinking* not just the public health

I don’t want anyone to die!

Sorry is not enough

I grew up in a funeral home

Everywhere is the gallows now

No New Women’s Prisons

We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over for decades

The only relevant part of their attendance records

We are required to suffer no injury ourselves we are simply empowered to injure

I don't actually think that all of these people believe we're in Hell

Turn on the blood spigot baby!

Having our dead bodies sold back to us

Can we please please please at long last do the right thing?

It’s a thought that crosses your mind sometimes

Six Feet From the Edge

Show me the oldest t-shirt you own

All we want is to work with them to make the company better

Fuck it we have to own the thing ourselves

The Democrats treated renters like a forgotten class project that’s suddenly due

In a way you could say The Strokes ruined my life

One brief moment of felicity

Tyrants conduct monologues above a million solitudes

With your backs against the wall

Suddenly Earth no longer seemed the center of the universe

They don’t care who lives or not as long as the money keeps coming in

They’re losing their minds to drug psychosis and dying left and right

A species of indifference and anxiety which broods over the city

If we tase him he is going to light on fire

We’d already been drifting apart for years

If you’re rich and powerful enough

I would be left with an unthinkable choice

Waiting for the next Mr. Death

I went to the worst of bars hoping to get killed

Sometimes it's best not to know

Proprietors hunched in shirtsleeves over buzzing machines

After a while your body rebels

Everything America or Israel does is de facto legal

People want to work but they want a living wage

This machine needs us but doesn’t care about us

You want that to be the last thing you say to someone

Why should we go back to a job that doesn’t value or pay us enough to live?

We finally started bringing our concerns to them saying we feel overworked

When you can sing like that it would be criminal not to

Even the rich have come to learn what scarcity feels like

Commuting is psychological torture

The wealth gap in Cambridge is enormous

We have housed them far away from where we can see them

A massive feedback loop of disenfranchisement

Could you patent the sun?

How did Hawaiʻi handle the pandemic?

How did Hawaiʻi handle the pandemic?

I want them to imagine Black cowboys too

Let me see another doctor for a follow-up before you start coming up at me with bills

What the hell is going on in Canada right now?

As the protagonist of reality you don’t expect that you’re ever going to die

Consider the Lobster Roll

Alive in the dying embers of someone’s mind

It’s no fault of my own that I have this disease

Why do so many people get cancer at exactly age 65?

You can’t even hold their hand and be the nurse you want to be

I do kind of want to do some stuff I was too much of a chicken to do before

I can't shake the feeling that you must have saved me for something greater than this

We want you to suffer and die :)

It feels like it’s a story that we were born with

It’s a simple thing to do to be less horrible to human beings

How much having lived is going to cost her

How much having lived is going to cost her

The legal system is stacked against your grandparents

I felt like I was in a grave buried alive

I think we’re getting to a tipping point

Some inaccessible other version of my life

As if they were servants trying to steal the family silver

Sink or swim it's your choice!

A beautiful oblivion

Some damage we’ve done cannot be undone

It's just the waiting is getting a bit tedious

It's the tide moving in and out

The last two decades of my life have been a nightmare without end

Murder against which none can defend himself

You always think you can get out before it falls apart

The Rube Goldberg machine of pain

Even though we didn’t live near the ocean anymore

The United States is a complete outlier in lacking all forms of paid sick leave

All the time we didn’t get to be together

What cause is now served by her death besides revenge

You do not under any circumstances have to come to the aid of your enemies

Since the election extremism has been growing at an alarming rate

I have never spoken to let alone met my doctor