Sitemap - 2020 - Welcome to Hell World

The Best of Hell World 2020

With cold blood and stone hearts they continued shooting

Trump is over if you want it

The best and worst parts of an extremely cursed year

8 stories about horses and airplanes and alligators

We Must SUPPORT our Boys in Blue

They grow hopeless from the misery of their present existence and give up

We still can’t even come to a consensus on if any of this is real or not

We know what the silence means this time

The "Best" 45(ish) Songs of 2020

Either way he did not have to die

Those funds have run out and there is no additional aid in sight

It’s like if your house had been torn up from the ground

I saw a lot of people die that I feel like shouldn’t have died

I wait for the day I can sit in the sun again

Until the whole country looks just like where I came from

A vague feeling of guilt ties me to that dead man

Anticipation is making me late is keeping me waiting

On Foolish Optimism

Trumpism — much like Benghazi! — ain’t going away

It's Been Today Forever

Rising before dawn like a farmer or a Wahlberg

Finally it’s time for a little personal space

It will go away, we're rounding the corner, it's going away

The Last Normal Day Part 6

The Last Normal Day Parts 4 + 5

The Last Normal Day Part 3

The Last Normal Day Part 2

The Last Normal Day Part 1

You see again how far away every thing is from every other thing

We need to take away children

It affects virtually nobody

please please please please

I’m going to work until I die, if I can, because I need the money

None of this is fascism by the way

Maybe it’s just a borrowed piece of someone else’s childhood

It was never my fortune to witness a more bloody, dismal battlefield

We don’t even know all the names of those killed

What I didn’t understand was how much it would cost to live

The street's wet you can tell by the sound of the cars

I’m definitely going to ride it out and stand in solidarity with my friends

To understand it your whole life would probably have to change

They woke up the wrong man

“No I don't,” Biden said, laughing

Only 5 people in U.S., all in good recovery

There are some days I believe that I destroyed the company

A printed out copy of the Constitution is crumpled on the edge of the photo

They were trying to avoid a problem by looking the other way

The college football situation is a big, sprawling, decentralized mess

The latest in a long series of Trump millionaire goons

After a couple hundred years it just stopped

It’s a call to acknowledge that all labor deserves dignity

Which will naturally broaden the means by which they can violate protesters’ civil rights

It was a time machine to the future, when things will be gone

You can expect the same idiots who made your favorite website

He basically told me if you don't like it quit

He basically told me if you don't like it quit

All they had to do was the right thing

Why aren't people talking about ~~Chicago~~

It’s never enough to be merely brutal and punitive in America

Police have never acted in solidarity with other workers

Jimmy Eat Hell World

That kind of memory hole is a nightmare

You can just list the true things

I don’t particularly feel what I would call numb at the moment do you?

Are your Fox News/MAGA family taking the pandemic seriously yet?

It almost seems like a prank that something good happened for a change

Everything was better in a time you no longer have access to

They want to know if you have your pain coming

I’ve been sleeping with a shovel under the bed

I left America after four years a totally different person

I didn’t realize my blood and bones were next

This communal grief spills over and it’s almost beautiful

We can’t be the kind of court system that just gives all of this a pass

The shift in energy came in a split second

It’s why I’ve always hated the NYPD

You could tell he was lying because cops cannot speak without lying

The human being then, in order to protect himself, closes his eyes

The police turned it into a war zone

We need to make sure that you belong here

There was a lot of it that was grungy and racist and violently provincial

Choose your own reality

I don't think I could do what they're having to do

The human mind always tries to expunge the intolerable from memory

What's up buddy

The summer is gone the fall looks like it’s in danger

You'll always be dissatisfied

I said we can hug again when the coughs are all gone

That was the first time a lot of people came and I didn’t know them

In media if you haven’t been laid off it’s just that you haven’t been laid off yet

They're just covering it up this keeps happening

I want to swallow all the days ahead at once right now

As we tell people they have to stay at home it stands to reason we need to ensure housing stability

I'm too much with myself I wanna be someone else

You end up being a lifeline to those kind of people too

Do you think the majority of people on Fox News are stupid, evil, or just corrupt?

I think it’s how some people feel when they see a ghost

There was a certain critical period I see that now

Suddenly he’s conscious of himself as a being with a history

Suddenly he’s conscious of himself as a being with a history

I think it gives us an opportunity to organize and spread class consciousness

Grieving is a hard process for everyone to go through when it’s over the phone

If we don’t clean, under what conditions will the doctors be able to work?

Our hands were washed and aimed for it

We're just grateful we can still come in and make what little money we can

Entire days are slipping away

And we'll see daylight through the blinds

It’s going to be just fine

Lies from the tablecloth

Self-isolation doesn't do much if I deliver the virus to your house

Outlaws fill the mountain caves

$50 could have saved him

This is basically a police state

The healthcare industry does something to you

Seriously how are Americans still alive?

MSNBC just destroyed what was left of his kindness

I pushed by them and opened the door and he was curled up in a ball blue dead

I managed to jab my thumb into its piggy little eye

Go viral or die trying

And I don't wanna die for no good reason

Negotiations on health insurance are a weight around our neck at the bargaining table

If you are poor, baby, practical ain't working for you.

If someone works at Fox News you can’t really forgive them for their time there

What if we stopped saying we’re gonna get clean tomorrow after one more fix

They're just hoping you're scared enough to ruin yourself for their benefit

What does unifying the party even mean?

Our findings call into question the value of private health insurance today

Each time she woke up she repeated Don’t take me to the hospital

I’m trying to finally pay off some of the interest on a debt

We don’t have a left party in the United States

We don’t have those things anymore

For a couple of minutes those people’s lives were my problem and then they weren’t

If you’re desperate you’ll do something desperate

The moral thing to do is to put the worker first

The same profiteers that sold America the Iraq War are selling us this latest escalation of violence