The benefit of the doubt should go to the guys pulling the trigger

We chose not to continue to eat shit

Nothing moved except the eyes which were enormous the pupils shiny black and dumb

If you don’t think you can keep your feelings in check then I invite you to leave at this time

It’s this giant amalgamation of every problem in America

Forty dead some of them horses

You start to forget how feeling bad felt

Hopping the cemetery fence with a champagne bottle

We might as well have never crawled from the swamps

It seemed absurd we would have a shrine to nuclear weapons

It’s as easy as waking up in the morning and telling yourself you’re a good person

They’re a faceless organization that will take you to collections if you don’t pay your bill

It makes the pain go away until tomorrow

The terms of the trap are compounded

The nicest guy at the racism store

Better to be consumed in the nuclear blast than to live rummaging among the ruins

Q’importe où vous buvez, le lieu sera toujours le mȇme

The collusion of the economic cartel of the NCAA

This is just a taste of jail

They’re the ones who do the scripting


Weekly dispatches from the pit of despair