It makes the pain go away until tomorrow

The terms of the trap are compounded

The nicest guy at the racism store

Better to be consumed in the nuclear blast than to live rummaging among the ruins

Q’importe où vous buvez, le lieu sera toujours le mȇme

The collusion of the economic cartel of the NCAA

This is just a taste of jail

They’re the ones who do the scripting

Me acuerdo de la primera vez que tuve miedo

I was hoping that I could have some dignity in my life

I actually married him because I was terrified of losing healthcare

How has Hell World come for you thus far?

I told him we have no guns and our son is sick

They deserve the presumption of childhood

You’re never certain of the ways of the heart of man

They illegally cheated many struggling borrowers out of their rights to lower repayments

Who do you think is doing the shooting?

How's the book so far buddy?

This is the most ghoulish cynical capitalistic nightmare

Well it doesn’t really end there it goes on forever


Weekly dispatches from the pit of despair