Hi Luke, just became a paid subscriber, so i am finding some value in your words. thanks for that. I was in the industry since 1997. I was one of those crazy corp burn-outs who used a severance package to go to cooking school. Well, the industry finally broke my heart for good. I started fresh, here riclexel.substack.com and on multiple side-hustles.

I am writing a series on this topic here https://riclexel.substack.com/p/what-is-really-stopping-workers-from

Keep stringing those words together, they make sense sometimes!

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Out-patient healthcare is another industry whose employees went from their pre-COVID treated-just-barely-above-being-completely-crushed to facing slashed staff, longer hours, reduced pay, massively increased workloads, and significantly greater risks during COVID (and through to today). I'd love to suggest somebody to talk to about it but only have the stories family has told me. Anyway, thanks as always.

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