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I know some genuinely good leftists on the island doing their best to raise their kids with a sense of caring and responsibility toward their fellow humans. But Staten Island doesn't make it easy. An example: Before he was fired, Daniel Pantaleo — who at least at time of Wikipediaing lived on the island in Joe Borelli's district, let's hear it for the Catholic school boys, those racist shitbags — was making over $100k to sit at a desk and (not) think about how at age 29 he'd murdered a man on camera and then got away with it thanks to then-SI DA Dan Donovan. Who himself went on to unseat Michael "I'll break you in half like a boy," tax-evading, prison-time-doing Grimm in Congress, only to be unseated by that lousy excuse for "hope" Max Rose. Who's now been replaced with another dangerous asshole. The island's not a monolith of gabagool and racism, but I worry all the time about the people I care about who live there and how long they have till the racism starts getting more ... specific.

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