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Gnarly, poignant shit

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A really good one Luke. Brandon's piece is on the money. Check out LA Times journalist Sam Quinones. His latest book "The Least of Us" is a wild investigative piece about meth. His previous book "Dreamland" is about the cartels and the spread of dope into the burbs. The current meth story is truly frightening shit. A trip to hell world if there ever was one. Keep it coming Luke. And I hope I never hear, "It's Luke from ________, whaddya got Luke?"

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Few years too young for to have heard this one till now, gotta hard disagree. Closest reading of a cover I've ever heard.

Guy's voice is already high and nasal like Neil's but it's so close in this song it reminds me of a bit by a comedian (Birbiglia?) about riding in a car with someone singing along (for example) to DMB the radio and also aping the voice of the singer. "Thank God we've got you, he was really fuckin' it up."

Anyway, I like Built to Spill well enough, just never dug into their stuff. Always fascinating to get a window into what my older cousins were listening to as kids. This has been The Millenian Ruins Everything, be sure to tune in next week.

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