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Thank you, again, for giving me so much information! Especially for introducing me to Patricia Lockwood! A new favorite author, I love her style and humor.

I was surprised to learn about the "Lincoln Project" people. Other than knowing they were Repubs, I had begun to think that perhaps we were getting back some of, what I call, "Real Republicans". Meaning, normal, mostly decent people, as opposed to the current batch of creatures out of hell. Alas, I was wrong. Oddly, as I was reading about them, MSNBC was talking about them, too, and asking who their ads were convincing. Uh-oh, it sounds like maybe even they are on to them.

While I understand what was said about journalists, doesn't a great deal of the problem begin with the owner and/or CEO? If there is even more than Rupert Murdoch who owns any of them anymore. Don't the writers have to submit their columns to editors, who in turn need to check up the line with anything "controversial"? There must be a lot of frustrated writers who can't afford to quit, but are made to toe-the-line to keep their jobs. Just a thought. I've never been a writer myself, so for all I know everyone is completely independent. Sure.

Thanks for sharing your hell.


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